Cleaning Equipment

Mobile 2-heater coil steam cleaner for oilfield pipe paraffin removal. Almost 2million Btu/h at 325 degrees and 3-400 psi output at 8 GPM. Very effective. Can be rigged for 1 or 2 gun operation.
Mobile single heater coil steam cleaner producing almost 1 million Btu/h. Also used for oilfield pipe cleaning at 325 degrees F and 3-400 psi at 4 gph.
Skid-mounted gasoline engine driven hot pressure washer with a 120 volt generator and burner. Engine type/size and pump choices offer from 3-8 gpm and 2,000-4,000 psi at up to 180 degrees F. For Mobile Wash Contractor or Industrial user.
A sample of the Industrial high pressure pumps we offer. Pump must be sized to replace original manufacturer's equipment for best performance. King's offers several pump brands in all sizes and output. We can get the right pump for your application.
Portable hot pressure washer with a multitude of useful features. It is fully portable, unlimited by electric power cords. All that's needed is a reasonably level surface, fuel for the burner and engine, and a clean water source. This style also comes with electric motors for shop use. Single lift point, and hose hanger/handle come standard. Great unit.
One of the many models of Hot pressure washer offered by Delco Technologies, a division of FNA-Group. A sweet unit with plenty of punch for the heaviest of those greasy, dirty jobs in industry. (Hose reel is optional, but well worth consideration.)
One of many Cold Pressure washers we offer. This catalog image is of the BE Cool Drive Stainless Steel frame unit with Honda GX390 (13 HP) in belt drive with an industrial triplex plunger, oil bath pump. It is available in several models with oversized, no-flat tires, and 50' hose and trigger gun/lance/nozzles (5).